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how to prepare for a reading with angel the medium

How to prepare for a reading with angel the medium

Preparing for Your Session with Angel:
Tips and Guidance

It is best to be alone during a “Phone” Reading. Suppose you have people with you; their loved ones in spirit will come through during your reading. In a psychic reading, the energy may go toward them; it all depends on the sitter’s needs. You will want your reading to focus on you, so please be alone in a quiet area and have some water, tissues, and pen and paper.

Try to relax a bit and take a couple of deep breaths. Be open, even if you’re a skeptic (it’s ok, I was too). Try to be open to the reading because it will make the communication flow easier, and you will get the most out of it. Spirit knows what you need to hear, so trust them to get those messages across. I am just the middleman, the translator. Spirit will never say anything embarrassing or try to hurt you in any way. My childhood and youth were not the best; I know what it’s like to experience what your life has presented you with, and my experiences have helped me help others.

My job here is not to judge you or your family but to help you and your family the best I can. I consider myself a Spiritual Medium, so everything is done in the light, with God, and with the best intentions of helping you.

What you need to know about psychic work:

I have done psychic readings for many years and do them six days per week, multiple times daily, and teach. There is some information you need to know first. Most importantly, we all have free will, which means you have the right to choose.

So, for example, if I tell you that you are going to have a career change coming up, but you don’t take the new job opportunity that comes your way, then that is your free will; you changed your path by not taking the new job that led to the latest career change.

I can only tell you what I see, but it is up to you to take the correct path to achieve it; you must understand that the future will undoubtedly change if different paths are taken or not. I will touch on everything during our reading, and there will always be time for you to ask any questions you might still have, but I will usually have already covered it.

Mutual Respect:

I’m here to help you the best way that I can. It is my job to translate everything that I am receiving from spirit world, regardless of whether it is a psychic or mediumship reading. I will be honest, upfront, and respectful. If you are hurting, that is understandable, and I will help you the best I can, but if you are hostile toward me or rude, it will be challenging to navigate a reading. I do this work to help people, but I also need mutual respect with my clients, which goes both ways.

Most of my clients are wonderful and stay with me forever; however, if something like this were to happen in a reading, I would not be able to move forward with the reading. It would not be the right thing to do.

Also, if you are driving or in a public place, please reschedule the reading when you are alone and in a relaxed, quiet environment. Sitting in your car alone would be fine if you are out and about in public.

Please Note:

I am prior military, so I may call about 15 minutes early. I will likely text you the day of our appointment to confirm and email you if the text doesn’t go through. Please text me back as soon as possible to confirm; if you need to reschedule, just let me know.

When traveling, I may show up at your house (if we are doing a house visit) as early as 15 minutes. I also always travel with my wife (who is a medium). It’s a family business, but I would be the one giving the reading; she is there to hold the power and tell me if I missed something. lol


Yes, of course, you can record or take notes. Taking notes is very important because you can look at it later and see how things come together. You have my permission to record, but please do not post online.

Many Blessings,

Angel the Medium

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