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Angel The Medium is a Evidential Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach passionate about teaching and helping others. Every day, he gets to do what he loves. Angel is genuinely grateful for his gifts and loves to help people the best he can. 

Whether Angel is doing Mediumship, Psychic Readings, Life Coach Counseling, Medical Readings, or Teaching, he likes to interact with his clients in an informative and teaching manner. He has helped many clients connect with passed loved ones through Mediumship and has provided them with evidential information & loving messages from spirit. 

Angel counsels his clients regarding their marriage, relationships, health, relocation, children, career, personal issues, blockages, Meditation, spiritual development, phobias, financial matters, life decisions, life path, future, and past lives. He even brings through pets for his clients. Having a Mediumship Reading with him sometimes is like having a family reunion with spirit. Angel is a Spiritual Medium, meaning that everything is done in the light with God in a loving, nonjudgmental manner.

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Angel's "About Me" section is written by his loving wife, Lisa Dawn.
angel the medium
Lisa Dawn
Astrologer & Psychic Medium

Early Life & Mid Life

Angel (yes, that is his real name) was born in Brooklyn, New York. Angel is a natural-born medium; his most memorable experience with the spirit world was when he was nine years old and saw his uncle, who had passed, appear right in front of him in complete spirit form. It scared Angel so severely that he ran out of his house and never wanted to see spirit again. Like many natural mediums, he always felt spirit around him; he was scared of the dark, had powerful emotions, and knew things before they happened.

Angel was briefly raised by his Grandmother when he was very young; she is a committed Catholic and a former nun. She greatly impacted his spiritual life and raised him in the Catholic traditions. His Grandmother has told me stories of how Angel saw the Virgin Mary and how he would pray for people who were sick when he was just a little boy. Angel wanted to be a priest when he was young, and during high school, he wanted to become a counselor. He wanted to do this work all his life but didn’t know what that would be exactly; all the pieces finally came together as an adult with his abrupt awakening.

When Angel was about five, he went to live with his father, and during this time (to put it nicely), he learned about the hard lessons of life. Homeless and living on the streets, Angel joined the Navy at 18 years old, serving five years; shortly after his service, Angel and I met on a cruise in Puerto Rico. Angel lived in Virginia, and I lived in Southern California. A month later, he sold everything he owned and moved to California. When Angel and I met, we started putting the pieces together about how our intuition works. We would predict things that would happen and thought it was completely normal. We had yet to learn the level it could reach if we were to work on our abilities. During the coming years, Angel and I raised our children, started a business, and traveled. Our spiritual work came to us at the perfect time in our lives. Our kids were almost grown, and we found happiness in our family and with each other, but we asked each other, ok, what’s next? We both knew we wanted to help people but needed to figure out where to start; we knew there had to be more. Then it happened.

Angel had a massive Spiritual Awakening with spirit. My Grandmother (who passed many years before I even met him) revealed herself to him in the backseat of his truck while he was driving alone. He rushed home and asked me what my Grandmother looked like and how she dressed. He described everything about my Grandmother down to a T. Angel didn’t even know the pain that I was going through missing my Grandmother; he gave me the most beautiful reading that day; it gave me so much healing and closure to know that she was still here. Even though my faith knew she was still around, and I could feel her, the confirmation I received from Angel gave my soul so much peace. That one reading changed my life and his forever. After that, we decided to take this path together and dove headfirst into this work. It wasn’t easy, and we spent thousands of dollars learning and developing, and a lot of times, we found it difficult for any teachers out there to have the answers we were looking for. 

We learned to connect to our spirit team for the needed answers. It was a little bit wild because Angel was the one with the visions and the emotions, but I was the one who could hear spirits. So, when Angel asked me a million questions about Mediumship or Psychic, I could tell him the answers because spirit told me. I was training him, even though I wasn’t a medium or knew what I was doing, but I could give him the answers. Angels’ development happened very quickly; his energy was powerful. My development came after his when he could help me with my vision and taught me how to open my emotions. It always makes me smile when I think about the beginning when Angel’s power started coming in. He would be shaking from building his energy that he had to carry tourmaline and hematite in his pocket to help ground him. A grown man with rocks in his pocket makes you smile, right? Angel has helped many other students along his journey and found his Love for teaching; he teaches Psychic & Mediumship Development and Meditation. He teaches online and in-person circles and workshops.

Life Experience

Growing up in New York, Angel’s life was hard; he faced many challenges and setbacks. Angel was abandoned by his birth mother and his stepmother, physically abused, bullied, kicked out, and homeless. He dealt with grief, divorce, alcoholism, drugs, and abusive relationships. You name it, and he probably faced it. Angel has not only overcome all these issues but also embraces and appreciates what has happened to him because it now enables him to help and relate to his clients. He can understand where they are coming from and how it feels. He firmly believes that his clients can overcome their hardships as well and provides them with the tools to do so in the best way he can.

Religious Beliefs

The first few things Angel learned when he connected with the other side (spirit world) was that God and Jesus are real, and that it doesn’t matter what religion you are. Angels exist, especially Archangel Michael. They eat food over there; spiritual food that differs from here on earth. We all have free will; therefore, we can choose to believe in God or in spirit world. We all have the freedom to do good or bad things.

Angel believes that all paths lead to the light, meaning all religions or no religion. God doesn’t care what name we call him; we can call him God, Higher Power, The Great Spirit, The Creator, or any other name’s religions have for him. What matters is how we live our lives and how we treat others. Love is the most important thing we can give and receive. Is it a coincidence that we hear this ideology from many sources, religions, other Mediums and Spiritual Workers? They all believe in God and talk about the infamous “Life Review” and how Love is the most important thing we can give and receive to ourselves and others. We are all getting this information from the same place.

Mentors and Training

Training is crucial when you are a Psychic Medium. It would be a mistake if you think you know everything and are finished learning. Angel has studied with the best in the world. He took what worked from them and changed what didn’t work to fit his Mediumship; this is very important in Mediumship development. We must train ourselves on what works for us and what doesn’t; this is something that you can’t teach. This ever-growing mastery comes with practice and self-reflection.

Can you certify an artist to paint or a singer to sing? No certification makes you an excellent Medium; you are either born to do this work or not. Thus, why have so many tried and failed? To be a successful professional Medium, it should be in your life path to do this work, and above all, you must want to do this work to help people. 

Being a Medium is one of the most challenging jobs there is, but it is the most rewarding. Not only do you have to have the education, experience, and practice, but you also must experience your own healing path during development and maintain it so that you are a clear channel for spirit. Angel has thousands of readings under his belt and the proper training inside and out.


Above all, Angel has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met and loves to help people. He does not do this job to be famous, nor does he care to compete with anyone in this business. Instead, Angel would rally everyone together and strengthen them; this is why he loves teaching so much. His mission is to help as many people as possible while he is here. His long-term goal is to open a spiritual learning center so that many people can learn and live the spiritual way we were all meant to live, awakened. Angel is compassionate, nonjudgmental, and a solid, clear channel for spirit. 

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This man has an amazing gift and was spot on with everything my cousin even told him I was pregnant and the gender of my baby I highly recommend him to others who are interested in connecting with loved ones who passed on if your interested feel free to follow his page and post for his upcoming readings Thanks again.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Website Review


He is absolutely amazing and good with the wonderful gift he was blessed with I am looking forward this another reading hoping by next week I want to hear more about my loved ones and no more about them I would highly recommend him to anyone he is truly phenomenal I can’t wait for another reading.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Website Review


I want to thank you so much for my reading. You are truly talented and are very caring. You told me things that only I know and having that connection with a love life has no price. I also was able to work on phobias that has hunt me for a long time. To know I can do something about them is so refreshing. Now a days everything is cure with medication, if we only take the time to explore other options we could be so much better. You truly have a gift as a medium and a gift to share with care such a sensitive and emotional information. Thank you, forever grateful.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Website Review


Angel did a reading on me it blew me away picking on things like my mom was deaf, i come from a circus family, saw military in family, that mom had passed, say my mom in a pic between 2 of her sisters which is my fav pic. HS AWESOME AND 100% HONEST AND THE REAL DEAL

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium

mikee m.

Website Review


I want to thank you for my reading today. 3 of the most dearest people to me came through. I was shocked with the things that you knew that only they could know. My mother who was my best friend passed away 11 years ago this coming April 20th. I have carried a guilt with me about a decision I made that day, feeling like I took her life not the horrible cancer. After today, with the things you said…I will no longer carry that guilt. I don’t know how many people I am friends with on here believe there is a “life” after the physical death. I always have, and this experience today has made me believe it even more. Thank you once again.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Website Review


I just had an amazing reading wow thank you was so accurate through and your time patience kindness and understanding is and was so lovely and has really helped me thank you thank you thank you xxxx
psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium

lAURA h.

Website Review

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