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The following are the questions that client’s ask about the most. if you have any other questions please let me know.


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1. You can call me or text me at 951-446-5322
2. You can click the “Book Now” link at the top right of the website and make appointment using my online calendar.

1. You can make a payment with credit card over the phone after your reading, I use the square app that accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover & JCB. You will receive a receipt via text or email.
2. You can also make payment through PayPal, Google Pay, Square, Apple Pay, Venmo, & Cash App to or 951-446-5322.
3. Here is Angel’s PayPal Link: 

Yes, but know these two things. 

  1. If you record, it is for personal use, no posting online or anything like that.
  2. If you are recording and are planning to let someone listen to that recording, know that there may be some messages in your reading for that person(s). So don’t give the medium a bad time if 1 thing out of 100 doesn’t make sense because that one thing should show itself later and that may be in the form of evidence or a message for someone else. 

What I would recommend is to take notes, write down everything that you receive. You will always have it to look at and sometimes there is more information there or messages within messages. It is really interesting to look over it again a few months later and see the value in it. 

It depends, if it is the same service you may want to wait at least a month from the last session. Some clients come monthly and some come once a year. If it is a different kind of service from the last then it shouldn’t matter, some people will make another appointment as soon as the following week. It all depends what you have going on in your life and what feels right to you.

Some client’s buy prepaid credit cards from the Supermarket, Sam’s Club, CVS, etc. Just make sure that you activate it before you call for your reading. If the reading is in-person reading cash is accepted.

Of course, I would never disclose anything that was in our reading without your permission. I build life long bonds with my clients, I want to help you in any way I can, I would never disclose anything that is personal. Most of my new clients become my returning clients with their friends and family so please know that your reading will be confidential.

The simplest way that I can put it is…
A Medium communicates with spirit, they are your middle man, they translate messages from your loved one who have passed.
A Psychic communicates directly with your energy to answer any questions that you have in your life, they can give you guidance on many topics that you need help with. Like marriages, relationships, children, career, etc.

Yes, a Medium is always a Psychic but a Psychic is not always a Medium. I’m a Psychic Evidential Medium, I can do both Psychic and Mediumship Readings. I also do Life Coach Counseling which uses a combo of all of these abilities.

An evidential medium is a medium who provides specific and detailed evidence from the spirit world during a reading to validate the identity of the communicating spirit and provide proof of their continued existence after physical death. This evidence typically includes information such as the spirit’s name, personality traits, physical appearance, significant memories, specific events, or messages that only the recipient would recognize. Evidential mediums aim to provide tangible proof of the continuity of life beyond death by offering verifiable details that resonate with the recipient and provide comfort, healing, and validation.

Yes, I have not only brought through dogs and cats for my clients, but I have brought through horses, birds, fish, hamsters, and even a snake. Our pets do cross over, and I do bring them through in a reading. If you want the whole reading on a beloved pet, please let me know in the beginning.

When we cross over from this human life to the spirit world, they will be waiting for us and are  able to communicate with us. I have personally received many signs and messages from my own pets that have crossed over. I would say that sometimes I receive more messages from my animals in spirit than I do from humans that have crossed over.

From my experience, this answer has ALWAYS been, Yes! There has NOT been one time when someone who has committed suicide has NOT come through in a reading. Any Medium who says differently is NOT doing their job correctly. Believe it or not, there is help on the other side for people who need it, not just suicide; it is like our version of therapy here.

Spirits possess the ability to communicate effectively, it’s the medium’s skill in interpreting and conveying these messages that determines the success of a reading. An untrained medium may struggle to accurately interpret the information received from the spirit world, leading to potential errors or misunderstandings in the reading process. Mediumship is a complex practice that requires extensive training and experience, underscoring the challenges involved in effectively facilitating communication between the spiritual and physical realms.

For me, I can only write what I have personally experienced from spirit, and this is how I know what is true; I trust spirit, and they are smarter than we are. The best advice that I can give you on anything that you hear or read is, “does this make sense to me?” “Does this feel right?” If it feels right to you, then it’s probably right; if it feels wrong, then it is most likely not true. You have to learn how to trust your intuition.

That is perfectly fine, as funny as it seems, I was skeptic of all of this too. My wife use to try and get me to watch the Long Island Medium with her and I didn’t think it was real. As a matter of fact, I didn’t truly believe that I was a medium until I started channeling spirit for people that I never met before. How would I know this stuff? I would’ve never thought in a million years that I would be a Medium and even more so a Psychic.

First, you must make your own decision in life and what feels right. Everything I do comes from the light with love, god, and good intentions. Every person that I have done readings for I have helped; it has had such a positive impact on their life. To me, there is no way this work could be wrong when I’m guided by the light and it’s so beautiful and healing. It is so fulfilling to help people; this work is truly a blessing.

I believe ALL paths lead to God, and it doesn’t necessarily matter what religion you are if any. Sometimes it is in our path to go away from him and return on our own, how else would we test our soul. There is no judgment in my readings, and it does not matter what your beliefs are.

Please check out my “About Me” page and our “Services” page for more information. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Let us know if you have questions for a psychic medium

“I was a skeptic, so don’t worry if you are, too. For this reason, I do not charge until after the reading. I do this so that you can go into the reading without worry.

Rest assured that you are in good hands when getting a reading from me; I’m very passionate about my work and committed to helping as many people as possible through readings and education.” – Angel

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