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Angel's Free Mediumship Services and Workshops for Non-Profit and Informal Groups

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DISCLAIMER: Angel is not affiliated with any large “non-profit” organizations that exploit grieving individuals for profit. However, he is committed to offering his time and support to those in need within these communities upon request. Always conduct thorough research when encountering such organizations.

Angel’s Services for Non-Profit Organizations:
Angel provides the following services at no cost for non-profit organizations, parents’ support groups, grief groups, or any official groups that would benefit from his assistance. These sessions are conducted online, while in-person classes are available for a fee upon direct arrangement with Angel:

Group Mediumship Readings
Mediumship Development Classes
Meditation Classes
How to Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit Workshops

Before Contacting Angel:
Groups must be established and ongoing, with Angel preferring to work with small groups of approximately 12-16 people to ensure personalized attention. It’s essential to ascertain the group’s interest in these services. Angel’s focus is on aiding those who seek help, rather than proving the existence of the afterlife.

Services for Non-Official Groups:
If you’re not an official group, such as a non-profit organization, but a small informal gathering like a spiritual circle, Angel can arrange private classes or workshops tailored to your group’s needs, either online or in person for a fee per person. 

Services include:
Meditation Classes
Psychic / Intuitive Development
Mediumship Development
Connecting with Your Loved Ones in Spirit
Past Lives Workshop
Spirit Guides Workshop
Meditation & Energy Healing Workshop
How to Read Cards Intuitively Workshop
Group Readings & Platform Demonstration Workshop
Reiki 1 & 2 Certification class

Open Invitation:
Angel extends his willingness to assist other teachers and groups, provided they are receptive, inclusive, and eager to learn. He is passionate about supporting individuals in their spiritual journey, regardless of whether they belong to a spiritual circle, book club, women’s club, yoga group, meditation circle, youth group, or a close-knit group of friends.

Contact Angel:
For further information or to express interest, please contact Angel directly via email at angelthemedium@gmail.com.

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