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Psychic Readings by angel the medium

Receive profound insights whether you are in person, on the phone, or on Zoom video chat. Experience the same level of accuracy and connection with Angel’s unique approach to readings. With Angel, payment is only required after your session, ensuring you approach each reading with peace of mind and no reservations.

In a Psychic Reading with Angel, carefully explore various aspects of your life. Whether it’s your career, relationships, health, finances, or personal blocks, Angel provides tailored insights that resonate with your unique circumstances.

Angel’s intuitive abilities offer a fresh perspective, revealing hidden truths and empowering you to move forward confidently. Each session is a personalized journey toward clarity, guiding you to make informed decisions and confidently embrace your path.
Discover the transformative power of a reading with Angel. Gain the clarity you crave, embrace your journey, and enter a brighter future today.

Psychic readings can offer valuable insights and guidance in various areas of life, including:

Love and Relationships: Insight into current relationships, potential romantic connections, understanding dynamics, and resolving conflicts.

Family Dynamics: Understanding family relationships, resolving conflicts, and navigating family issues.

Career and Work: Insight into career opportunities, job changes, professional growth, work relationships, and decision-making.

Life Path and Purpose: Understanding life direction, uncovering talents and strengths, and gaining clarity on life goals.

Spiritual Growth: Guidance on spiritual development, connecting with higher self or spiritual guides, and exploring metaphysical concepts.

Health and Wellness: Insight into physical and emotional well-being, identifying areas for improvement, and understanding the mind-body connection.

Financial Matters: Insight into financial opportunities, managing finances, investment decisions, and overcoming financial challenges.

Personal Growth: Self-discovery, overcoming obstacles, developing confidence, and unlocking personal potential.

Life Transitions: Guidance during major life changes such as moving, starting a family, career changes, or loss of a loved one.

Decision-Making: Assistance with important decisions, weighing options, and understanding potential outcomes.

Spiritual Guidance: Connection with spiritual guides, exploring spiritual practices, and receiving messages from the spiritual realm.

Past Life Insights: Understanding past life experiences, identifying recurring patterns, and gaining insights into current life challenges.

Psychic Development: Guidance for individuals interested in developing their own psychic abilities or intuition.

Dream Interpretation: Understanding the meanings behind dreams and deciphering subconscious messages.

Emotional Healing: Support in processing emotions, releasing past traumas, and promoting emotional well-being.

Clarity and Confirmation: Providing clarity and confirmation on life choices, intuitive hunches, or gut feelings.

Predictive Insights: Foreseeing potential future events and outcomes based on current circumstances and energy patterns.

MY Happy Clients!


I want to thank you so much for my reading. You are truly talented and are very caring. You told me things that only I know and having that connection with a love life has no price. I also was able to work on phobias that has hunt me for a long time. To know I can do something about them is so refreshing. Now a days everything is cure with medication, if we only take the time to explore other options we could be so much better. You truly have a gift as a medium and a gift to share with care such a sensitive and emotional information. Thank you, forever grateful.



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This man has an amazing gift and was spot on with everything my cousin even told him I was pregnant and the gender of my baby I highly recommend him to others who are interested in connecting with loved ones who passed on if your interested feel free to follow his page and post for his upcoming readings Thanks again.



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He is absolutely amazing and good with the wonderful gift he was blessed with I am looking forward this another reading hoping by next week I want to hear more about my loved ones and no more about them I would highly recommend him to anyone he is truly phenomenal I can’t wait for another reading.



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I just had an amazing reading wow thank you was so accurate through and your time patience kindness and understanding is and was so lovely and has really helped me thank you thank you thank you xxxx

lAURA h.

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Angel did a reading on me it blew me away picking on things like my mom was deaf, i come from a circus family, saw military in family, that mom had passed, say my mom in a pic between 2 of her sisters which is my fav pic. HS AWESOME AND 100% HONEST AND THE REAL DEAL


mikee m.

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I want to thank you for my reading today. 3 of the most dearest people to me came through. I was shocked with the things that you knew that only they could know. My mother who was my best friend passed away 11 years ago this coming April 20th. I have carried a guilt with me about a decision I made that day, feeling like I took her life not the horrible cancer. After today, with the things you said…I will no longer carry that guilt. 

I don’t know how many people I am friends with on here believe there is a “life” after the physical death. I always have, and this experience today has made me believe it even more. Thank you once again.



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