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Angel The Medium

Angel is A Spiritual Medium, all of his readings are received and given within the light in a positive, compassionate, and nonjudgmental manner. 

angel the medium psychic medium


Angel is an International Medium with students & clients from all around the world.
He offers a wide variety of services for everyone.

Phone Readings

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In-Person Readings

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Group Readings

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I'm Here to Help

“I understand the challenges life can bring, and I’m here without judgment for you and your family. My role is to support and assist you to the best of my abilities. I aspire to contribute to your healing journey during our sessions. Sending blessings your way, and thank you for choosing to connect with me.” 
Angel the Medium
angel the medium

Types of Readings

Angel is an International Medium with students & clients from all around the world,
He offers a wide variety of services for everyone.
Angel The Medium Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

Experience the same level of accuracy and connection in phone readings as you would in person. Angel’s unique approach ensures that payment is only required after the reading, allowing you to enter a session with peace of mind and no reservations.

In a Psychic Reading, Angel provides comprehensive insights into various aspects of your life; he can discuss any one of the following subjects: Career, Life Path, Relationship, Marriage, Love Life, Fertility, Children, Medical, Health, Future, Business, Moving and Relocation, Money and Finance, Phobias, Blocks, Photo Readings, and Life Path.

Evidential Mediumship Readings

In a Mediumship Reading, you will Connect with loved ones who have passed on to the other side, as Angel delivers evidential information and messages from the spirit world. Receive comfort, closure, and reassurance as you communicate with those who continue to watch over you.

In a Mediumship Phone Reading, Angel will bring forward:
Friends & Family members who have passed to the other side
Evidential Information from Spirit
Relevant messages from your loved ones
Recent & older passings will come through
Spirits that are around you, watching over you, and convey how they are still a part of your life
Animal Communication
Angel The Medium Evidential Mediumship Readings
Life Coach Sessions with Angel The Medium

Life Coach Sessions

Experience personalized guidance and support to address specific challenges and issues going on in your life. Angel’s Life Coach sessions empower you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals with confidence and clarity.
Angel The Medium restricts his Life Coach sessions to no more than once a month, recognizing clients need time for personal growth. 
The unique advantage of consulting Angel for Life Coaching is having a Psychic Life Coach who can uncover the root causes of issues and provide insights across various aspects of life. 

Couples Coaching available

Medical Intuitive Readings

As a compassionate medical intuitive, Angel will offer insights into your health and well-being. Through intuition, he will uncover potential imbalances and provides guidance for health. 

With a holistic approach, Angel addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. His messages empower you to make informed choices for your wellness journey.

Medical Intuitive Angel The Medium
Angel The Medium Card Readings

Card Readings

If you are doing a Psychic Reading and would like Angel to pull some oracle cards for you at the end of the reading, let him know at the beginning so that he will save time. He enjoys incorporating cards into his reading because they can show you validation and additional information. 
Feel free to ask Angel any other questions that you may have so that you can gain clarity and guidance on your life path and future direction.

Guided Meditations

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with live guided meditation sessions led by Angel The Medium. Dive deep into your subconscious mind and explore the power of meditation for spiritual growth and transformation.
During meditation, Angel helps you address personal obstacles, uncovering their root causes. This practice can be deeply therapeutic, especially for those who are visually inclined. Angel can often tune into your meditation experience, guiding you towards independent mastery of these techniques.

Working with Angel connects you to his spiritual power and enhances your spiritual encounters.
Angel The Medium Guided Meditations
Past Life Readings with Angel The Medium

Past Life Readings

Explore your past lives and uncover insights into your current life path and challenges. Angel’s past life readings offer a profound understanding of your soul’s journey and provide healing and closure where needed.
A past-life meditation will take you on a journey of your most relevant past lives. Initially, Angel will spend a few minutes explaining the process and how everything works. 

The meditation will take 15-30 minutes, depending on your progress. At the end of the session, you will discuss what was shown to you and why it is relevant in your life today. (Since he will want to take his time, it is better to select a 60 min reading)

Spiritual Readings

In a Spiritual Reading, receive messages and guidance from your angels, spirit guides, and the universal life force. Angel’s spiritual readings offer profound insights and direction to support your spiritual journey.
In this Spiritual Reading, Angel will let the information flow from any of the following spiritual guides that want to come forward and give: Messages and guidance from your Angels, Guardian Angels, Archangel’s, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Messages from the Universal Life Force.
Angel The Medium Life Path Readings
Psychic Readings with Angel The Medium

Popular Reading Subjects

Some popular reading subjects with Angel are Relationship readings, while Family readings offer guidance on navigating dynamics and strengthening bonds within your family unit. 

Gain clarity on your professional endeavors with Business readings, and uncover your life’s purpose and personal growth journey through Life Path readings. Career readings provide guidance on job opportunities and advancement, while Finance readings help you manage finances and plan for a secure future. 

Finally, gain insights into potential outcomes and possibilities with Future readings, empowering you to make informed decisions and shape your destiny.

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Development &
Meditation Classes

Commence a transformative journey with Angel’s workshops for psychic and mediumship development. Learn to trust your intuition, connect with spirit, and cultivate inner peace through guided meditations. 

Whether you’re new to the path or an experienced practitioner, Angel provides a supportive environment for growth and spiritual awakening. Join his workshops and unlock your innate potential for healing and connection.

Classes by Angel The Medium
angel the medium astrology reports natal chart readings relationships

Astrology Reports

Uncover your cosmic blueprint with our Professional Astrology Reports – Natal Chart Analysis. Crafted by seasoned astrologers, gain profound insights into your unique astrological makeup, guiding you towards clarity and empowerment.

Discover the secrets of your personality, motivations, and life path. Whether it’s relationships, career decisions, or personal growth, our reports offer invaluable guidance for self-discovery. Receive your report conveniently via email in PDF format and embark on a transformative journey of cosmic exploration today.


Angel The Medium is recognized as a recommended practitioner by James Van Praagh, a world-renowned Psychic Medium, as stated on his website.

Angel The Medium
angel the medium helping people out

Helping Out

Angel always makes time to donate group meditations, group readings, for non-profit organizations, grief/loss groups, or any groups that would benefit from his help.

Why Choose angel

"Trusted, Professional, Compassionate
Angel, Your Evidential Medium."

His positive reviews indicate a track record of satisfied clients who have experienced genuine and meaningful connections.
Trust is paramount when seeking guidance from the spiritual realm.
Angel is a highly reviewed evidential medium provides assurance of reliability and authenticity.

Choosing a highly reviewed, trusted, and compassionate medium ensures a transformative and enriching experience, where individuals can receive genuine spiritual guidance, validation, and comfort on their journey of self-discovery and healing.

Always On Time

Drawing from his Navy background, expect personal confirmation texts and punctual calls, often reaching out 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

Highly Reviewed

Angel stands as a top rated Evidential Psychic Medium, with pristine five-star ratings across popular platforms such as Yelp, Google, and Square.


Angel has extensive experience as an Evidential Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, and Meditation Guide, spanning over many years.


Angel shares his expertise by teaching Psychic Development, Mediumship, Reiki Energy Healing, and Meditation.

What my clients say


This man has an amazing gift and was spot on with everything my cousin even told him I was pregnant and the gender of my baby I highly recommend him to others who are interested in connecting with loved ones who passed on if your interested feel free to follow his page and post for his upcoming readings Thanks again.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Psychic Medium Reviews Website


He is absolutely amazing and good with the wonderful gift he was blessed with I am looking forward this another reading hoping by next week I want to hear more about my loved ones and no more about them I would highly recommend him to anyone he is truly phenomenal I can’t wait for another reading.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Psychic Medium Reviews Website


I want to thank you so much for my reading. You are truly talented and are very caring. You told me things that only I know and having that connection with a love life has no price. I also was able to work on phobias that has hunt me for a long time. To know I can do something about them is so refreshing. Now a days everything is cure with medication, if we only take the time to explore other options we could be so much better. You truly have a gift as a medium and a gift to share with care such a sensitive and emotional information. Thank you, forever grateful.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Psychic Medium Reviews Website


Angel did a reading on me it blew me away picking on things like my mom was deaf, i come from a circus family, saw military in family, that mom had passed, say my mom in a pic between 2 of her sisters which is my fav pic. HS AWESOME AND 100% HONEST AND THE REAL DEAL

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium

mikee m.

Mediumship Reviews Website


I want to thank you for my reading today. 3 of the most dearest people to me came through. I was shocked with the things that you knew that only they could know. 

My mother who was my best friend passed away 11 years ago this coming April 20th. I have carried a guilt with me about a decision I made that day, feeling like I took her life not the horrible cancer. After today, with the things you said…I will no longer carry that guilt. I don’t know how many people I am friends with on here believe there is a “life” after the physical death. I always have, and this experience today has made me believe it even more. Thank you once again.

psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium


Mediumship Reviews Website


I just had an amazing reading wow thank you was so accurate through and your time patience kindness and understanding is and was so lovely and has really helped me thank you thank you thank you xxxx
psychic medium reviews 5 stars angel the medium

lAURA h.

Psychic Medium Reviews Website

Evidential Psychic Medium "Angel the medium" testimony and reviews

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